RAM Swivel - Straight


RAM swivel joints are manufactured and engineered to exacting specifications. Only the highest quality materials are used in manufacturing this product to ensure the purchaser a quality, dependable swivel with a longer life and less down ti me than competiti ve models.

Advantages of the RAM Swivel

The Housings are a steel investment cast for a longer life.

The Gland Nuts are Heat Treated for a longer wear.

The Rotary Sleeve is Heat Treated for longer wear and milled with (2) fl at areas that are machined on the rotary sleeve for wrench-tightening.

The Backup Ring is Nickel plated to prevent rust

Zerk Fitti ngs are installed to lubricate for longer wear.

All parts are interchangeable with TMĀ® manufactured swivels.


For more product options, please see our Parts List Sheet.