Tandem Bomb Nozzle


Tandem Bomb nozzle with 1” FPT connection is just that; the front nozzle is the eight rear-jet #A1-1 Aluminum Sand Nozzle and the rear nozzle is the #A9-112 Duel-Degree Aluminum Sand Nozzle. The two nozzles are connected by a D0-6 nozzle skid assembly.

Together, there are 24 rear dual-degree removable jet orifices, which are centered in the pipe by the connecting nozzle skid assembly. This nozzle duo is used to clean heavy sand and sludge deposits from 10" to 30" pipe and culverts. Manufactured for use by sewer cleaning machines up to 80 GPM and up to 3000 PSI pump pressure. Replacement jet orifices are available.


Rear jet angle: 17˚ and 24˚

Diameter: 7”

Length: 29”

Weight: 18.3 lbs.

Made in the USA.

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